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Dump1090-fa - hangs for 30 Seconds on rPi4

I have a rPi that I installed the flight aware software on it. When connecting to it via HTML on port 8080, the entire pi seems to hang for about 30 seconds. In that 30 seconds, my ssh console is frozen, the pi no longer answers pings, dump1090-fa shows the error that means that the ajax calls for the position reports is failing. After 25 to 30 seconds, it takes right back off as if nothing was wrong and will continue until someone else opens the dump1090-fa page, where the rpi seems to hang for another 30 seconds. CPU load is right above idle, there is 4g of ram, only using a tiny fraction of what’s available. The pi is connected to the switch via cat5.

I’ve tracked down all I could think of…

Anyone see this before? Thoughts?

dump1090 is not actually directly involved in serving the web interface (it continually updates the dynamic data files, regardless of what’s happening on the browser side, but all the HTTP work is done by lighttpd).

The initial pageload should cause minimal load on lighttpd though. If I had to guess I’d say it’s either a network problem or a failing sdcard. Maybe check dmesg and syslog for anything unusual.

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That sounds to me like a networking issue. Some routers or extenders might cause the problem
Do you have by chance a powerline network?

You should check the network router logs if you have reconnects during that time coming from the Raspberry