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dump1090 3D Viewer


Hmmmm, Map is gone…:scream: , something to tweak tomorrow… :thinking:



New version , have fun and post some screenshots :slight_smile:

Download - https://www.bramjacobse.nl/show/3d.zip

Please edit setting in index.html
// Provide a Bing Maps API key here to enable the Bing imagery layer.
// You can obtain a free key (with usage limits) at
// https://www.bingmapsportal.com/ (you need a "basic key")

var BingMapsAPIKey = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

// Location radar LAT / LON
var myLat = 51.00;
var myLon = 4.22;

// Default camera position (play and space key press)
var camLat = 51.6959:
var camLon = 3.8256;

var camDist = 138434;
var camPan = -0.027;
var camTilt = 1.055;

 // ip adress dump1090 and pfclient
 //  change to external IP and forward the correct ports in Router

var hostIp = ''; // example ''
var dumpPort = 80; // dump1090 port number
var pfPort = 30053; // planefinder port number
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I get a 404 error for the 3d.zip file.


Works fine for me: https://www.bramjacobse.nl/show/3d.zip


Updated 3d.zip with CesiumJS 1.54



works for me, with further tweak as am using mutability not fa … :grinning:

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Busy Friday evening

Windy saturday morning

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Freshed up the installation today (was there since August 2018).
The labels are missing…

PlaneFinder spits out data though:

$ http http://192.168.x.y:30053/ajax/aircraft
    "aircraft": {
        "3C49CB": {
            "altitude": 31850,
            "category": "A0",
            "flightno": "EW2037",
            "heading": 176,
            "is_adsb": true,
            "is_on_ground": false,
            "last_seen_time": 1550687902,


Any clues?

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PM send :slight_smile:

And updated 3d.zip


Thanks for the quick fix, Bram!
Wish I could see them coming in that low on AMS, but I’m to far away at GRQ… and surrounded by high-rise buildings. :frowning:

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Same here - everything works like a charm, but the labels are missing. Great Work!

I’m using quite a specific setup as I work with a reverse proxy for the data (dump1090 on an internal host, 3d Viewer on an external), but in the debugger I see everything is fine.



Do you have the Plane-Finder client installed…?
And can you acces the data from the plane-finder client http://x.x.x.x:30053/ajax/aircraft



Hi Bram,
yes, pfclient ist up and running and the plane-finder client data gets loaded. Are there any fields in the json that must not be empty?

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Hi Bram,

Really interesting app that I would love to add to my collection.
I have dump1090 running on one PC and PFclient on another, so two different IP addresses.
Is there anyway I can add them both to the index.html file?


EDIT. I am getting terrain Ok, but no aircraft.
It seems that you don’t need to have both, dump1090 is for aircraft and positions and PFclient is for extra info, there is variable that you can set false and it will ignore PFclient?

Second EDIT. I am seeing the aircraft data in my browser debug console, but still nothing on the map.

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Add a extra line for IP pfclient in the index.html

var hostIppf = 'http://x.x.x.x'; //  ip of planefinder client


url: hostIp + ':' + pfPort + '/ajax/aircraft', 


url: hostIppf + ':' + pfPort + '/ajax/aircraft',

Regards Bram


Hi Baldgeek ,

Are you using dump1090-fa or other a other version…?


Foggy Morning , and holding…:slight_smile:

Updated 3d.zip - https://www.bramjacobse.nl/show/3d.zip


var hostIppf = 'http://x.x.x.x'; //  ip of planefinder client

new index-test.html  only uses dump1090-fa  and only show the flight Ident


Ah, that would be the problem then, I am using dump1090. I did not know that FA had changed the data format.
Thanks for letting me know, I will spin up an FA build and see what happens.


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check this.


I changed it, no aircraft. Will have to wait till I get a moment to spin up a FA build on the pi. Thanks for getting back to us. (Long term I would like to see about getting it to work on dump1090 as I have many of those feeds and a master feed for my whole system, be nice to see it run with that).