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dump1090 3D Viewer


Screenshot. I’m next to GRQ / EHGG.


exactly right ! I have it so on my other RPi.


busy evening LGAV

used additional code to get as close as possible ‘radar info’
FL, rate, GS as myStringB and substituted type with myStringB.

                                                var myFL = parseInt(this.alt_baro / 100)
                                                if ((this.alt_baro / 100) < 51)
                                                myFL = parseInt(this.alt_baro / 100) + "00"

                                                var myGS = parseInt(this.gs / 10)
                                                var myGSnm = parseInt(this.gs / 60)

// 3-digit track  10°  to  010°
                                                var myTRK = parseInt(this.track)
                                                if (this.track < 100)
                                                myTRK = "0" + myTRK
                                                if (this.track < 10)
                                                myTRK = "0" + myTRK

                                                var VSI = parseInt(this.baro_rate / 100)

                                                var myVSI = '▰' // level
                                                if ((this.baro_rate / 100) > 1) // VSI > 1      // climb$
                                                myVSI = '▴'
                                                if ((this.baro_rate / 100) < -1) // VSI < -1    // desce$
                                                myVSI = '▾'

                        var myStringB = myFL + " " + myVSI +"   " + myGS


im using dump1090-fa


Ok, solved, its an old version of dump1090-fa. Any chances I can make the fps higher? Thank you & Welldone.


Hello Bram,
The download link doesn’t seem to work :frowning: ?



Regards Bram


A sunny day


Next up to include, 3D terrain tiles:


It is already 3d…


Nice patterns last week


3D surface disappeared!


Goodmorning from the Netherlands, question:
Dump1090 3d, great script, can look at it for hours. Chapeau for the maker. Can someone tell me how to make labels in Dump1090 3d. Labels that show the aircraft data. Thanks in advance.
Ps. i use the script from bramjacobse, also have problems with the bing-map. Sometimes i see the map sometimes not.


hi gersmit
which decoder are you using ? dump10090-fa or dump1090-mutability ?


I am using dump1090-mutability on a PI 3b and install a few days ago dump1090-fa Piaware on a PI 3b+ with stretch. This one is running good with 3d. For the Bing Map i have two basic apikey’s but problems with showing the map.


The Labels are fetch from the planefinderclient…

Groeten Bram


Terrain provider is offline …:frowning:

 var terrainProvider = new Cesium.CesiumTerrainProvider({
	**url: '//assets.agi.com/stk-terrain/world',**
	requestVertexNormals: true


Hi Bram and evangelyul, thanks for an answer.
Bram your reaction regarding the Bingmap is correct, thanks. After some testing last afternoon there was no response to me, it suspected that it was with me. I now see that a card is being developed and it is starting to turn back slowly. It does not run smoothly.

Bram, for the labels, can you explain to me how that works with the Planefinder client. In fact, in Dump1090-mut, I applied the attack in the script of PlaneObject.js.

Greetings Ger


Hi, Bram

Is there the way to change the provider? I’ve tried to replace these lines with

var terrainProvider = new Cesium.createWorldTerrain();

as recommended here (https://cesium.com/blog/2018/03/01/introducing-cesium-world-terrain/) but no success. I am not Javascript programmer, so probably I’ve missed some important points and commas :slight_smile:



Remove the “new” you have in there then it should work.