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dump1090 3D Viewer





It seems not to work with me. I can see it get’s plane data because I can see in the page title that it display’s for example 20/60

But only a black screen. What am I missing here ? :wink:



i’ll send you PM to help


i’ll send you PM to help


Thanks for you’re help, It is working now


How do I enter both both www.ok1slm.cz and to both work?


Thanks Bram :slight_smile:





I’m sure this can be done in sort of a way.
However my programming skills don’t go far enough.

I use a script from noip.com wich wil get the external IP from the Rpi and links this to emiel1234.ddns.net
The router/modem wil automaticly convert this to internal as long as I forward the correct ports.

But I know not every router/modem will do this.

I think the solution is to check router settings first.
You have a domain linked to you’re external IP so the problem is you’re router has to recognize to internally forward that to the local IP.

Some routers block that.

Maybe it can help if you give the brand/type of you’re modem/router you are using?


This is the modem that was taken over by a cable company Hitron cve-30360


Thinkered 3D Viewer

works with latest 3.6.2 and dump1090-fa .

edit settings in the “index.html” add

var BingMapsAPIKey = 'xxxxxxxxx';

var myLat = xx.xx;
var myLon = xx.xx;

// Default camera position (play and space key press)

var camLat = xx.xx;
var camLon = xx.xx;

var hostIp = 'http://xx.xx.xx.xx'; // example ''
var dumpPort = 80; // dump1090 port number
var pfPort = 30053; // planefinder port number

Regards Bram


I’m not sure since I’m not familiar with that type router.
You could try changing the DNS settings, Further I can not find a lot more on this router.
(doubt if this will work btw)

Try the DNS from google


  viewer.debugShowFramesPerSecond = true;

Press the space-bar for Performance and camera info


thanks !

close-up on ILS LGAV 03L


same problem, i only can see numbers of aircrafts xx/xx and only map.


VR view

  viewer.useWebVR = true;


did you edit the variables in the index.html file…?

You have to put in Bing Key.
And your LAT and LON coordinates

var BingMapsAPIKey = ‘xxxxxxxxxxxx’;

var myLat = xxx.xx;
var myLon = xxx.xxx;

var camLat = xx.xx;
var camLon = xx.xxx;

var hostIp = ‘http://xx.xx.xx.xx; // example ‘’
var dumpPort = 80; // dump1090 port number
var pfPort = 30053; // planefinder port number

hostip = ip adres of your raspberry running dump1090-fa


yeah BingMapAPI, lat/long, hostIP, etc everything is set correctly sir. Still only showing amount of aircraft.


Clear browser cache and force reload website , and if its still won’t work.
check Java script console in browser and check for errors


The script shoul’d be working
I made a mistake with long/lat coordinates. Make sure they are ok :slight_smile:


Problem solved…?
If have double checked the 3d.zip file and it’s working fine.

Busy morning in Amsterdam :sunglasses: