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dump1090 3D Viewer


Is it possible to add more information about the aircraft?


I’m trying,

shogooda uses an older version of the plane finder client, but the is not the problem.
There must be something missing in ccs stylesheets or …?!


It’s a misery.:grinning:


I only see the map , but not aircrafts

You have to change the host-ip to your external IP-adress and forward some ports

var hostIp = ‘


yep no planes :slight_smile:
Didn’t had the time to check you’re modified script, so I still have to try :wink:

Hope this evening.
And thanks for sending it :slight_smile:


I apologize already fixed. Now?




Well, I live in the valley of the mountains.
It’s bad, I envy you flat
My position is 510 meters above sea level.


Added some range circle’s 25,50,100,150 NM
And only show plane between 0 and 25000 feet


Can you share you’re latest code with me, before I begin with trying ? :wink:

You should probably make a github project out of this, but I have no idee how to do that lol :smiley:


PM send , Github sorry , i’m only thinkering…:slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:
You’re doing a good job :slight_smile:


After some more research and checking in the “web inspector”
i finally have the labels working correct


So tell me how you did it.



I was wondering where you are located? And elevation of the antenna?
I live in Katwijk but the receiver is located at my moms house indoor and it’s blocked by a chimney of bricks at the north side.

So not to good receiving, however I still receive planes from 100km away.
And ofcourse it’s not to far from AMS and the approach is over Katwijk most of the times :slight_smile:


Located in Almere

Piaware prostick plus , Flightaware antenna outside and uputronics ceramic filtered preamp.



PM’s send


some very good progress by user bramjacobse

mandatory Bing key and Planfinder feeder ( to get route info from).

and the tinkering … continues… :wink:


result by replacing text: type,
with text: type + " FL" + parseInt(this.alt_baro / 100),
to display FL next to aircraft type.

approaching …‘head-on’ ! 900’ vert diff.


BTW how difficult is, to add a ‘forward speed vector for 1 minute’ ?


Great … evangelyul :airplane::small_airplane:

It’s busy tonight


Good work bramjacobse .:grinning: