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dump1090 3D Viewer


thanks for your help and I also advocate publishing the code.


So where exactly can we grab the Java code?
Good job :slight_smile:


visit the site and had a look with the java console from the web browser.
Still tinkering the script , it uses also data from the plane-finder-client.



Grab this zip from my site

sudo mkdir /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/3d

Extract the content of the zip in

Go to and edit
Fill in you’re bing map API key (get it free on Bing maps) and coordinates
(notice that the longitude and latitude are switched around)

Then you should be able to reach it by just going to you’re skyview page and add/3d after that url
This is working with the flightaware image 3.6.2
That’s all should work like this:

I have yet to try the colors :slight_smile:


you mean grab with wget ? and the zip file name is 3d.zip ?

http says

This site can’t be reached
emiel1234.ddns.net took too long to respond.


Yes wait I crashed it LOL, it’s a open dir, but wget shoul’d work.

Will give it a reboot

Edit: shoul’d work now


Notice when filling in coordinates the latitude and longitude are switched around


thanks !
have already done it, but still … in script.js url points to '../data/aircraft.json' which I cant find…

but in jessie + dump1090-mutability works !

to get th 'FLnnn" in script.js replaced line
text: this.country, with
text: "FL" + parseInt(this.altitude / 100),


I think I don’t even use aircraft.json :wink:

What exactly does that last bit do?



So do you change the code in script.js?


‘What exactly does that last bit do?’

the original code displays the country of registration. i changed that to display FlightLevel.

now the aircraft.json found in 2 folders. /var/run/dump1090-fa and /run/dump/dump1090-fa.
this GET url: '../data/aircraft.json', points to…nothing ! where is this /data/ ?
even if I change it to one of the other folders, still nothing happens, so maybe something wrong with stretch permissions ?


in which browser do I run the java console?


safari , chrome , firefox


opera and vivaldi (under windows 7 ) :smiley:


It’s not me, I can not do it, I give it up.
Wait for Shogooda to build new versions.


I tried copying the js code from the console and place it in script.js.
But not working, I think I will have to wait also :wink:


If someone wanted to publish a modified script here.:grinning:


Yes that would be nice :smile:


Some more thinkering