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dump1090 3D Viewer

I guess i’m missing something as well. Been a couple years since I messed with this when it was first released, but unzipped the latest version on one of my rigs (index.html matches last post), inserted my Bing key, changed the Lat/Lon for my location and all I see are stars. Running Dump1090-fa, latest Piaware, but not SD image. Also feeding RB, FR24 and PF. Oddly enough, I do get blank Bing tiles with same key on other maps, but checked it with M$ and it’s still active and in good standing. Leave it to M$ to give me another headache… Want to make sure I’m not missing another simple step however.


Bram, The quick fix to index.html got me going. Thanks

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@bramjacobse I already have the CORS headers in my enabled lighttpd confs. All other maps work. Meh, will mess with it later I guess. There was a reason I stopped messing with it in the first place since I don’t use the pre-canned Piaware images…takes time to iron some things out now and then.

The missing CORS header is on the cesium host, not on your host; there’s obviously not much you can do about that directly.

[…] a web application using [XMLHttpRequest] can only request resources from the same origin the application was loaded from, unless the response from other origins includes the right CORS headers.

I’d suggest mirroring a copy of cesium on your Pi and pointing at that rather than the cesiumjs.org version.

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Mirrored Cesium locally, got rid of that issue, but still seeing stars, and the call to virtualearth.net is obviously whacked:

Am I the only one, or are others still testing this as well? I should mention, Pi4/Buster. Still something goofy going on with my Bing key as I’m not able to pick any bing tiles up - key still shows in good standing (blacked out for security purposes in screenshot).

EDIT: This is how I mirrored:

sudo mkdir /usr/local/share/shogooda3d/Cesium && cd $_
sudo wget https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/releases/download/1.62/Cesium-1.62.zip
sudo unzip Cesium-1.62.zip && sudo rm $_

sudo nano /usr/local/share/shogooda3d/index.html
>>> Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js
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I only get a black screen right now :thinking:

The plane count on the tab is still working, and apparently there are two erros


trying to fix , Work in progres

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Saturday morning and rain

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Orange Circle’s

Do you have a working .zip by chance? I had the original working a couple years ago, but nothing but stars after going back to it again :tired_face:

A link must be in one of the posts here, there is one with installer for the FA feeder version, it always leads to the newest version

This is what I used. Had the CORs issue, then attempted to host Cesium locally per my replies above. Must be something simple I’m still doing wrong . Thx

Yes, that is the one I meant.

I had an issue where I did not even had the stars in the sky. @bramjacobse then updated a few things, I reinstalled via this link, and it worked again, the errors I the debug window had disappeared. Not sure what it actually was, sorry I can’t help more :confused:

I send a PM.

Sunday early evening

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PH-lab research flight

army helicopter training

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