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Dual Flightaware Pro sticks on 1 Raspberry pi 3 both on 1090


Was wondering if it is possible to use 2 sticks on 1 raspberry pi 3
Because I am not able to place an antenna on the rooftop and now running 2 raspberry pi’s (on the north side and south side of the house)

I think it is more effective to use 2 sticks on 1 pi…

Anybody did this already?

And the most important question HOW :slight_smile:

Asked already on Twitter

@Zwollerob: Anybody knows if it is possible to use 2 #flightawarePro sticks on 1 #raspberrypi both using #dump1090? #ADSB #RADAR #Flightaware #question

And got this answer so… i will give it a shot :slight_smile:

@flightawareADBS: @zwollerob requires customization but can be done, try asking in our discussion forum discussions.flightaware.com/ads-b-flight-t…

You have to run 2 instances of dump-1090, specifying --index 0 and --index 1 for each device.

To run both instances you’ll have to tweak the daemon startup scripts, but it’s a fairly simple task

Feeding two piawares into VRS is probably the easiest way to do this.

If you really want to use two dongles on one device then the next easiest way is to feed the second dongle without timing information (so that MLAT is not done with this traffic). You won’t get all of the MLAT traffic you get with two piawares, but you should get most of it.

Feed the second dongle using modes2deco on port 30001 ( using avr format)

Something like this
./modesdeco2 --gain 49.6 --device-index --web 8081 --avr 31001 --location lat: long &
modesmixer2 --inConnect --outConnect

Make sure dump1090-fa is listening for AVR on tcp 30001

With 3.3.0 you should be able to run a second piaware using the -cachedir and -configfile options to keep the two isolated from each other (you will need to make a second systemd service file for the second instance), then you can configure the second one with receiver-type other and point it at a different port for the second dongle and mlat should be OK on both.

(All untested/experimental - let me know how you get on if you do go that way)

lots of replies :slight_smile:

Will try some of these.
Hopefully it works… so i can use the raspberry pi that is then unused for other projects :slight_smile:

Thnx guys!