DTW Approach


Why do flights not show up on the map while under DTW approach control?


Wouldn’t the “blue” airplanes (and most of the green ones) be under DTW approach control?


Or are you talking about an individual flight??

If it’s an individual flight, if it’s like my tail number going to Birmingham flightaware.com/live/flight/N194 … /KMBO/KEKY as soon as I am handed off to Birmingham approach, the map tracking stops because BHM shows me as arrived even though I am still squawking and talking. Track line usually stops right around Tuscaloosa AL

Problem resides on the FAA end not Flight Aware from past postings.


I’m sure it’s an FAA issue, just curious why all of my flights disappear upon entering DTW airspace.


Yeah fully understand.

Link below will better explain now that I know it’s your own flights. As you can see, it’s been ongoing since 2006.

discussions.flightaware.com/view … ht=handoff