Dropping of Data

For some time now, FlightAware has been dropping substantial blocks of data. For example, look at N631S, flight from KBDR to KVKX on 8/19/11. If you look at the Flight Track Log you will find data dropped from 16:56 to 17:54. The program simply connects the last data point at 16:56 to the first at 17:54 with a straight line.

The resulting inaccurate track is useless. This is not an isolated event. Substantial data dropout has been occurring on flights for at least a month.

Why is this happening? Is there a problem at FlightAware or is the FAA the problem? What changed and how can it be fixed?


We’ve noticed this too and the FAA is aware of the issue. When there’s bad weather causing AFP/GDP the FAA’s systems become very busy and start dropping messages for us (and other ASDI vendors). It’s unfortunate we’re deprived of the departures/positions/arrivals in the areas where they’re most interesting. The FAA has not committed to any date for resolving the capacity issue.

Do you have any examples of this problem where there wasn’t weather/AFP/GDP/other CDM programs?

Re: “Do you have any examples of this problem where there wasn’t weather/AFP/GDP/other CDM programs?”

Here’s two.

(1) N631S; 9 Aug 2011 W95 - KVUJ. Data dropped 10:37 - 11:05. No significant wx.

(2) N631S; 9 Aug 2011 KVUJ - KJWN. Data dropped 14:15 - 15:06. No significant wx.

Bet I could find more…will 2 do for now?



See also N631S flight 22 Aug 2011 KVKX - KBDR. Data dropped 07:23 - 08:08. No significant wx.


I see now they’re low altitude flights; not all radar facilities are included in the FAA’s feed to us. They come and go, but generally in the direction of adding more rather than removing them.

Can you tell me who you were talking to between Potomac TRACON and New York TRACON? I’m not familiar with the low altitude airspace in that area.

Are you having this issue in any other areas?