Does anyone know what type of Jet Dr.Phil has? Rumor has it that he has a Gulfstream.

N3DP, Green Chair Productions

Ha! I thought Dr. Phil was “somebody”. It’s only a G3 :unamused:

The GLF3 is my favorite of all the Gulfstreams, including the upcoming G650.

He must hate our planet.

I googled “Green Chair Productions” and a Lear Jet came up under it’s registration, Tail N535JM

And to Wazzu: He’s a fellow Texan… we believe in using fuel and leaving a nice, Texas-sized carbon footprint!

The ending letters are JM in the tail number. His son’s name is Jay McGraw. This might be his.

It would also be my suspicion that it’s Jay McGraw, too… it flew to Dallas recently…

Why don’t y’all start pumping some for the rest of us to do the same.

Wazzu wrote:Why don’t y’all start pumping some for the rest of us to do the same.

Well, we are… here’s something: What the hell did we buy Alaska for? They need to start getting more oil from that state, too!

Anyways, Wazzu… I don’t wanna really get into a whole discussion about the oil/global warming farce discussion, I really am bored with that.

You got that right - it is a farce. And that’s all I am going to say about it because it’s been discussed here before a while back.

Well, that’s a relief! My brother is a scientist, and I had a real discussion with him. I walked away knowing that the earth is just going through a normal climate change. It makes me want to put my big ol’ 8 cylinder Ford pick-up back on the road!! Especially now that gas is more reasonably priced!!

Back during the time of Hurricane Ike, gas hit $4.99 in one community. Most stations ran out - the Friday before the hurricane hit, the lines were long and people scrambled to buy the premium fuel, which was all that was left. It’s now down as low as $1.89 in the same area. It seems that this isn’t being reported in the news media, though. Higher prices make a better story.

It’s constantly on the news in the San Francisco bay area. Just finished watching a report where they said gas at several locations was at $1.99.

Same here… then the GIV and GII

I’ve only been on the G-IV and the G-III. Y’all can have the G-III.

I heard on the radio news (might have been Paul Harvey) that Northern regions like here and Scotland are threatened with ice cover like it used to be not that long ago. Algore will have to joine Jesse uhJackson in the unemployement line.