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Downgrade from 3.8.0?

I have recently upgraded to 3.8.0 -bpo9+1 the latest software, i did the upgrade from online in my account as i normally do.
Since updating, even though im getting MLAT i’m not getting the full details ie: there was a U2 in range and Ive always seen it as U2, although i can see the plane I only see it as NA.
I have a friend who got in touch and he uses the last version and sure enough he gets the full U2.
This applies to all military aircraft.
I am thinking of downgrading but not sure how, or is it best just reflashing the card?
My Pi is in the house loft so i usually remote log in.
I have contacted Tech support and mentioned it but they won’t admit anything is wrong.
Any ideas please if i can do it remotely?

If you don’t have SSH access, you can’t do anything but update via the webinterface.
You can’t get SSH access remotely.

It would seem the database update changed some entries maybe?

Can you explain what the problem you’re having is more specifically? There’s nothing in 3.8.0 that should result in less data.

(It could be a change to the tail/type database, yeah. I’d need to know a hexid at least to check. The way I build the database didn’t change, but maybe some upstream data did)

Ive explained it to Flightaware before.
Basically I sent a message: > watching a U2 this morning at 60k feet (i know its a U2 because its AE094C) shown as NA and on clicking i don’t get U2.
Here are 2 screen shots, 1 before i updated and 1 after and on clicking the aircraft all i get is NA after upgrade.Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 18.07.27

Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 18.06.54

sorry can’t seem to edit but as you can see there are 2 photos one before and one after upgrade. One after upgrade ive no idea what the aircraft is until i google the AE094C

already provided details to tech support but here it is again > SITE 84420 – EGNT – g4jnw4420

Looks like you have installed the alkissack UI maybe?


It’s overwritten when you upgrade, which is perfectly expected.

The 2nd screenshot shows a symbol not present in standard dump1090-fa, i’m pretty sure.

Can you include a full screenshot? I still don’t know where you are seeing “NA”.

Also, I’m not sure that the second screenshot is the standard skyview; perhaps you made modifications to your 3.7.2 install which were lost when you upgraded to 3.8.0?

Finally, I checked the aircraft tail/type db shipped with dump1090-fa and neither 3.7.2 nor 3.8.0 have any data for AE094C.

No modifications, i haven’t the original screenshots sorry.

As i said, that shape isn’t part of the original dump1090-fa, the small box which say U2 is also not part of dump1090-fa.
So someone at some point has installed a modified interface on that box.

It’s not the end of the world, just install one of the available interfaces like alkissack or tar1090 that offer a somewhat extended database and in the case of the alkissack interface quite a few other icons for aircraft.

I’ll look at the alkissack interfaces and see if that will give me what i want - Thanks