Dose anyone know why these planes are in a holding pattern

Hi can anyone please figure out why these planes are in a holding pattern


Good resource.
Edit: It said LAX ground delay program due to low visibility, now the fog is lifting, has lifted enough and so has the ground delay program been lifted.

Seems the readings for 25L/25R are bogus … that means single runway for planes landing at LAX.
(or the fog is lifting at the southern runways before the northern runways)
(and they still can’t land there as the touchdown RVR measurement is out of service)
(anyhow … fog and single runway to land on, low IFR means larger spacing between landing planes)

Edit: Fog was lifting, but pretty sure the inoperative RVR measurement for the touchdown zone meant only one runway for landing.

1 Like is quite a good resource for seeing conditions at airports (as well as quite a nice weather resource in general). For example, LAX: Windy: Wind map & weather forecast

Thank you for the info

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