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Don't get any event for flightID FX52

for subscription ID - 34363978 for FX52 we didn’t get any events for arrival or departure. Same for FDX52 also . What is the correct flightID here ?

Alert 34363978 was for FDX52 and was created at 2020-06-17 13:53:50 UTC, but was deleted at 2020-06-17 14:23:43 UTC (about 30 minutes later).

Interesting because we subscribe FX52 for Alert_id :- 34363978 . We unsubscribe it and subscribe a new alert_id :- 34364373. we don’t get any events for this alert. Is there something with this flightID because we aren’t getting flight events for this flightId.

It is recommended that you specify ICAO identifiers (FDX52 not FX52) to ensure that the intended flight is matched. In some cases, we may automatically convert identifiers for you, but sometimes these conversions may result in a different airline/operator than what you were expecting.

Alert 34364373 was also for FDX52 and was created at 2020-06-17 14:23:43 UTC and deleted at 2020-06-18 15:31:53 UTC.

Unfortunately, I cannot retrieve any information about whether those two alerts generated any events nor whether attempts to deliver those events failed because they are more than 2 weeks old.


We subscribe for flight alerts for both FX52(alertId - 34975205) and FDX52(alertId - 34972550). Sadly we never get any alerts for flight departure and arrival.

We subscribe a lot of flights and we get alerts for each one of them seems like there is some issue with FX52/FDX52.

Hope to get answer ASAP.

A ticket has been opened for our engineering team to investigate further.

This is is related to the alert’s start_date parameter and the timing of the DeleteAlert call usage.

The start_date in SetAlert should be set in the departure airport’s time zone. FDX52 departs at the end of the day in the local airport, which is also the next UTC day. This means by using a UTC based start_date for FDX52 the alert system is actually trying to set up alerts for the next day’s flight, instead of the current flight. Unfortunately, since the alerts are often deleted using DeleteAlert before the next day’s flight occurs they do not result in any alerts sent.

Making sure that the start_date and end_date are set using the departure airport’s local time zone will make sure you get the correct alerts. Alternately, since the alerts are often set shortly before the desired flight excluding the start_date parameter will also make the alerts work as expected.


The problem here is when we subscribed event for flight around midnight. ex:

The above flight is going on 05-08-2020 at 12:30 AM AST. We always subscribe in local timezone so here we subscribe in AST only but due to some human error we subscribe the fight arrival 1 hours early on 04-08-2020 at 11:30 PM AST.

Should we get the arrival and departure events for flight FX52 which was scheduled on 05-05-2020 ?
We only set date_start, ident, channels while setAlert is called.

The below is the setAlert parameters on which we never get departure and arrivalevent:
ident - FDX52,
date_start - 1595466043 (July 22, 10PM AST)

We never received departure and arrival alert for the above setAlert. A flight do fly during this period.

Note:- It’s urgent we are having issues because of this so do let us know

The date_start and date_end values represent whole days. If timing is off by an hour it will not affect the alert unless that hour offset is into the previous or next whole day.

From the current alerts it looks like the same pattern that was discussed in my previous post is still happening. The SetAlert is called before the current day’s flight and specifies a start and end date that match the next day’s flight. However, the DeleteAlert is called before the next day’s flight occurs. This means the alert does not match the current day’s flight and is disabled before it can match on the next day’s flight.

It may be easier to not specify any start or end date and instead enable or disable the same alert when you need to track the flight. Without a start or end date the alert will be immediately active.

Hi dogrock,

For this particular shipment could you send me the details what should be the ideal parameters are? Also the info on alerts arrival, departure time.