Domestic 777 Service

What routes are DLs 777s and AA’s 777s and UA’s 777s domestically used on? Thanks!!!

**Repeat **performance of an (almost) exact question on 13 May by ipodguy7. Go search for it, dude, and then use the data contained therein to search for the AA/UA information.

Just when I was building my faith in you, you go and ask this…

dami…GET HIM!!!

I just can’t go on anymore…don’t have the strength…must…fly…to…PLK for weekend…

Appears we were posting at the same time, pika!

Sorry, but damiross, how did u do that thing with searching for dl’s 777 and 764 service???

Read your posting on 13 May. All you have to do is find the websites for those airlines and download the timetables. Read the postings for the rest of the instructions. You can search for your postings by clicking on the appropriate link.

Find your last post, and go that route…

I see a few on the B772 aircraft type page.