Dog Looping

How many of you have personally experienced this type of in-flight activity?

Dog Looping

Is that a loop or just a nose-over?

I think it’s a “tail over”. Let’s ask the dog!


Just a nose over.

Watch the shadow line on the people’s shirt. As he noses over, the shadow line goes down. As you goes up, shadow line goes up as if he was going into the sun.


All the time. Kids love it, strapped in of course. Your body goes up, but your stomach goes down.

Problem is kids love it soooo much, they want you to do it all the way down to landing.


I love it too! I think you’re right. I was watching the sun line too - and the background out the rear of the plane. After my friend let me fly his plane for a while, he got to show off. He separated my body from my stomach when the tower hinted that he hurry in to beat a heavy in the approach, or we’d have to circle around behind it. My friend opted to land first so we dove from 1500 or so in a 45 degree turn (with tail wind in the proper place). And woooo let me tell you, my stomach separated completely. Caught me off guard so for a minute I thought I fell out of the plane but after we landed, I wanted to do it again. This dog looks experienced (hee). And I don’t know what’s funnier, his space walk, his nose between the two men upside down, or the pilot’s nonshalant face.

We used to do this all the time but the guy in the back wouldn’t wear a seatbelt. It was very fun until my friend bumped into the side window and broke it. The amazing thing is that it only cost me about $20 to fix the window.

Well, I read the first four messages above before my curiosity got the better of me. Hilarious! I kind of suspected something like this, but as the video started, I didn’t see any dog and I began to wonder…

I used to ask my students if they like roller coasters.
If they answered yes, I laid my sunglasses up on the glaresheild and told them, “catch my sunglasses.” They’d looks and me funny, I’d pull the nose up, let it come over fast and the sunglasses would rise up off the dash, float around for a few seconds in front of us, and then they’d grab them right out of mid-air. Pretty fun. Always good for a laugh.
One time I went out to the airplane (C172) to start a lesson and my student said there was no fuel cup in the plane. I said that was impossible, I was the last person to fly it and I’m sure I stuck it in the seat back pocket of the pilot’s seat. I looked high and low and couldn’t find it. I was so sure it was there I looked for it for at least 5 minutes. Finally I found it in the waaaay back of the baggage compartment I could hardly reach it. Apparently during some of my impromptu aerial shenanegans it floated out of it’s pocket, over the back seat, and into the back baggage area. Cool.
Also, note to self: It’s a float-type carborator. When doing zero to very slight negative G manuevers, the fuel in the carb bowl pushes the float up, cutting off fuel to the engine for a split second until you resume normal 1G flight. Scary the first time!

Now I know why cfijames teaches. And why it’s so easy to learn things from him. He gets so excited and has so much fun flying. And we all have an idea where he got that from. 8)