Does the Member Level affect the results of AeroAPI?

I currently have a Basic membership and am paying for Standard AeroAPI access. I don’t have access to some information (e.g. tail numbers and call signs) for some Flights in the API results.

Am I to understand that the membership level affects the level of data that is returned by AeroAPI, and that in order for the API to provide full results that I must pay for “Personalized Flight Tracking” features with an Enterprise membership?

If so, is this in the API documentation or pricing details?

Premium accounts don’t impact access to data in AeroAPI. Some of our other products, like FlightAware Global, will all you to track the subscribed aircraft thought AeroAPI that would otherwise be blocked.

Some examples of the flights/calls you’re not seeing the expected info for would be helpful.

Thanks for the reply @mduell, but it looks like I was mistaken. I was looking at Airline Flights that had not yet departed, but once they’d departed the registration was available. I’m assuming the registration was therefore not known, rather than blocked.

Many airlines do send us registration pre-departure, but not all.