Does re-fueling in mid are have a future for the airlines?


what do you all think? it is an interesting concept, check out these 767’s … tes/page/1


I hope the hell not! Most people wouldn’t want to be on a flight longer than it can stay flying on a plane full of fuel anyway. Modern aviation has reached a point where you can fly halfway around the world in one flight as is. Lot’s of problems with commercial aviation in-flight refueling. That’s two military tankers anyway - BIG difference.


I think what is more likely is more fuel capacity. You’ve seen concept aircraft that are being designed into flying wings (while I sure will miss the tube and wings).
For safety reasons alone I don’t think you’ll ever see it, and really where would they need to go where there’s not already an aircraft that has the range.


No, there will not be commercial aircraft refueled in flight.

If for no other reason the cost to get inflight refueling certified by the FAA would be prohibitive. Passengers wouldn’t accept it, either.


Aerial refueling is, for the most part, for fighter planes. Their small size limits the amount of fuel they can carry, and pilots may need to fly missions beyond their range.

Airliners are large enough to carry the fuel they need to complete the missions they’re designed for.

Nope - Midair refueling has no place in the airline world.


I wouldn’t say “aerial refueling is, for the most part, for fighters.” While they do get a good portion of the refueling activity, many other aircraft are refueled in the air that are not fighters. These include aircraft with the following mission codes:
A (attack)
B (bomber)
xC (x= designation for a secondary mission of the transport aircraft such as E (electronic warfare))
H (helicopter)


If you’ve ever ridden aboard during an inflight refuel, you’d never imagine an airline passenger wanting to.


I know I would be a little freaked out if I saw the refueling boom going toward the wing! Unless it’s a single point refuel near the nose of the aircraft which would bring up a whole new set of issues.


I was talking about the ride mostly. Most airline passengers don’t even like the slightest bump.

All a moot point though really, with the latest 747, 777, A340, A380 aircraft, almost all can reach anywhere from anywhere with the fuel onboard. Most military aircraft require it because they either have to sacrifice fuel for bombs, or wil spend a long time loitering over an area. Most fighters have pretty short legs, especially if they use much time in 'burner.



Don’t ask again.


I would also add that no insurance policy on the planet would allow for a commercial airliner loaded with PAX to refuel in mid-air.

The VC-25A that carries the president is equipped for inflight refueling but it has never been done with the potus aboard, considered way too risky.