Does AirportBoards with 'all' and 'offset' make sense?


What does AirportBoards return when you specify a certain offset and your ‘type’ filter is ‘all’? Since each of ‘arrivals’, ‘departures’, ‘enroute’ and ‘scheduled’ returns their own next_offset value, using ‘all’ doesn’t seem to make much sense unless you expect less than ‘howMany’ flights. Perhaps I am missing something?



Hi there,

I know this question is a bit old, but I have exactly the same question. Does it have any sense to use “offset” with “all” filter?

I want to use “all” filter in AirportBoard query to develop a FIDS app, in order to reduce number of queries. It may happen that next_offset value is different in each type, correct? In that case, how should “offset” parameter be used in next queries to get the correct data?



The next offset can still be used for pagination, but the value will be applied to all the board types requested when requesting all. It is safest to use the smallest offset returned for the next request to help ensure no results are skipped. In the case where some board types had a larger next_offset some deduplication of results will need to be implemented.

Even with all selected a howMany = 15 will still only result in one query being counted. This should still consume many less queries than attempting each board individually.