Does Air Canada ERJ-190 come close to speed of sound?

While I am sure ERJ-190s do not exceed the speed of sound, today’s Air Canada ACA160, CYYC-CYUL showed up around 0900MST with an apparent speed of 590 knots at FL370 in FlightAware. Embraer gives the max cruise speed as 481kn. Now I am neither a pilot nor a mathematician, but if speed of sound at FL370 is in fact about 343m/s, and 590kn is also expressed as 303m/s, that gives mach 0.88, which is a bit higher than mach 0.82, the supposed max cruise speed. I am sure I am missing something here, such as adjusted or corrected air speed. Would someone be kind enough to furnish an answer to why this aircraft appears to have a greater velocity than possible?

Tailwind? Ground Speed vs. Indicated Air Speed?

Prepare ship for…Ludicrous Speed!

Space Balls - Ludicrous Speed - YouTube)

All those numbers quoted in the literature are airspeed. Add or subtract the winds to get ground speed which is what you get here.

ive seen a Mooney M20 fly from KBUF to KIAD in 18 minutes, and a EC135 helicopter fly from South America to KROC in 35 minutes…3650nm in a half hour in a helicopter? umm yea

There’s a “report inaccurate information” link on each flight page that you can use to report data problems.

Notorious?? Really? Wow…