Doctor killed when small plane crashes @ PDX Portland Int'l

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KATU raw video

Looks like he flew IFR quite often.

Looks like the wreckage is strewn along the parallel service road, as if he was trying to land on the road. Maybe mistook the road for the runway…?

It was a Columbia aircraft landing in 1/8 - 1/4 mile visibility in low fog, and he crashed on his second approach - how many times has that tale been told? I heard the ATC tape of his last call and it sent chills down my spine.

Is it from a source that you can post a link to?

A lot of deadly plane crashes lately…was that the Lufthansa 340 they showed on a daily rotation to and from Fra.

Where’d you hear about the second approach? and ATC tape?

I believe most of the wreckage wound up on a service road and the threshold. He was apparently trying to land on 10R. Published missed approach is a right turn.

Thanks to Chris @ Plane Madness for this link and more info on this story.

Aero-News.Net Article

‘God damn it… we’re gonna crash’ were the last words PDX controllers heard from N621ER. The aircraft was apparently in the process of making another missed approach in poor visibility to Rwy 10R while pursuing the ILS at 1615 UTC (O815 Local Time) when the aircraft went down.

PDX controllers informed N621ER that RVR was “700, 800 midfield, 800 rollout” as it was executing its second known attempt to land. A number of commercial carriers had landed just prior to the Columbia 400 reportedly all Horizon Airlines aircraft.

Weather reports for the time of the accident indicate the following: KPDX 161553Z 24003KT 1/8SM R10R/0600V0700FT FG BKN001 OVC009 01/01 A3035


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I guess because he ‘knew’ that ‘he’ could make it.