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Do you provide access to global airport data?

I am trying to query airport data, but so far I have only been able to query data from inside the USA. Airports in Japan or Asia return no results. Is the data not global?

Can you be specific about which airports you have tried? We have plenty of international airports, however coverage at different airports can vary greatly depending on what airline sources we have there. Additionally, position-only flights derived from ADS-B data can vary depending on the number of ground-based receivers we have in the area.

I tried Iruma Air Base of Tokyo Japan, Cherskiy of Russia and Gaza City of Palestine.

Unfortunately for very small (Cherskiy) or non-civilian (Iruma Air Base) airports there may be very sparse data available. However, other international airports should return data without issue. Is there a specific FlightXML endpoint that is not returning data as expected?

In the case of the Gaza International Airport, there will be no data since it is closed. Please try Ben Gurion Airport instead.