Do you need a SIC type Part 91 international?

I know most countries require a SIC type part 135. But what is the rule part 91?

ICAO required for all operations that land outside the US. Here some additional guidance reference for you. :wink:

I know you need one in Europe.


Ah, yep…that would be “outside the US”.

passed geography! great!

As one professional to another…the redundancy probably wasn’t necessary. I’m pretty sure that flyboy97222 got it the first go around.

Thanks. Yeah I got it.

But thanks for all the input

I see gr8pilot1 is back to his usual self :unamused:
I would’ve thought he might’ve learned to play nice with others!

yes, you need one. Please read FAR 61.55 (a)(3)
basically, to flight domestic you don’t need one but any place you go international the SIC type is required and do not forget the English Proficient too.