Do Wings of Alaska or Methow Aviation actually exist?

Every day, KBFI’s enroute and scheduled departures listings are full of dozens of their flight plans (WAKxxxx and MEHxxx), but they never actually leave the ground as far as I know? They never show up on Arrivals or Departures and I’ve never seen their activity while physically at KBFI.

Why do these “phantom flights” show up every day and is there a way to get rid of them? The listings for KBFI might actually fit on a single page listing.


Methow flies twin Beeches yes they exist. I was almost run over by one scud running in the San Juan Islands.
Wings of Alaska is also a company from Juno and they exist.

Wings of alaska is DBA Seaport aviation

Thanks for commenting.

If the WAK flights are Seaport, why aren’t they showing up in Enroute/Arrivals?

i think they go under their n#

Minding your own business, scud running, and someone almost runs you down. Honestly… :wink:

Contraire mon frair- I was making radio calls he wasn’t. (I was a scared rookie) 8)