Do aircraft bree at JFK?


looking at … rport=KJFK

i notice that many more flights are leaving JFK then that arrive there - this is true not only in the daily statistics (upper right), but also in the weekly and monthly graphics (lower left and right) …

it is also true for LAX and ORD …

but all these airports do not have major aircraft manufacturing associated with them … so it should be impossible for larger number of aircraft leaving those airports then arriving …

what is going on there ?


The graphs don’t count cancellations as arrivals. I can’t explain why some flights generate arrival messages and others generate cancellation messages, but it happens.


a very rough look at the areas underneath the the arrival and departue curves gives at least a 15% difference …

15% cancellations are common in us civil air traffic?


We’re talking about a similar issue in another thread. The message we get to end the flight is a cancellation message, but it’s at a point in the flight where an arrival message would also be appropriate. See NAS-MD-311 (linked to in the other thread) for details.