Divine Strake - Bomb test - Nevada Test Site


Suspect there will be some NOTAM’s issued for this baby - 700 ton bomb test scheduled for June 2nd at the Nevada Test Site - supposedly largest test since they stopped testing nukes in early 90’s. Below is link to news article and a Nevada State Document I dug up - the document is rather large - I also posted a placemark in Google Earth Community of where I think it is going to be - its in the Military forum.




A little more information on Divine Strake, including photos of site:


It’s not a bomb, it’s an entrenched explosive.

The subject really gave me pause wondering what aircraft had miraculously appeared in the USAF inventory that could deliver 700 TONS of munitions.

That’s 1,400,000 pounds of explosives or the equivalent of TWENTY BUFFs!

Any way you look at it, that’s gonna be one BIG boom!