Diversions to TUS from PHX today


A few flight inbound to PHX diverted to TUS today. I could not find anything else online about this. Does anyone know what was going on in PHX that necessitated the diversions? As far as I can tell, only six diverted.



Which six?


I didn’t see any that were classified as “diverted” under their activity logs.


The flight that show “result unknown” under “previous activity” usually mean a diversion.
Diversions include:


Well I figured it out. There was bad weather in PHX at that time, so the planes came to sunny Tucson.


Shirley, you jest! Bad weather in PHX??? I find that hard to believe!


No, he doesn’t jest…and don’t call him Shirley…


It is odd for weather like that at 10 AM. I didn’t see you come up with the answer to the question.