Any idea what ditch is?

It’s an aeronautical fix.See the FAA publication Location Identifiers

Specifically, from section 2:

f. A single five-letter pronounceable combination serves as the fix name, assigned identifier and computer code. If a new fix is to be collocated with an existing navigation aid, ILS marker, way point, or other type fix, the original name or name-code applies to both.

DITCH is in NJ (Note: It should be all caps)

An intersection near Indian Mills, NJ

39 deg 47 min 37.860 sec N
74 deg 42 min 59.880 sec W

mduell, inputting the gps coordinates I get Ramada Hotel Bad Brambach
08645 Bad Elster, Germany. what am I doing wrong?

Did you put in WEST longitude? Germany is east longitude.

Make sure you are W, not E.

In Google maps, it came up with the Ramada. Same thing for Google Earth. When I converted it to degrees and decimal degrees and placed a minus sing in front of the longitude for western longitude, I got a location off the coast of New Jersey.

39.78333333 -72.42 (this is only down to degrees and minutes; I didn’t covert the seconds)

Does Google Maps recognize E and W? Perhaps it only works using negative to find W.

Put it in like this on GoogleEarth: 39 47’37.860"N, 74 42’ 59.880" W and got a spot in NJ right next to a baseball field complex.


You can see my house from there! :laughing:

I’ve shot bottle rockets out of that baseball field at midnight before.

Why so many baseball diamonds there? The surrounding area seems so sparsely populated.

They can’t put up any housing because there’s so many baseball diamonds.

Thanks everyone for your help.

One of the local athletic association’s sports complexes.

Also a good place for “parking” back in high school. :blush:

Check out Pete’s parking lot and what’s in the handicapped parking spot! :blush:

Google maps INOP.

Edit: Fixed now. Looks like a white exploder to me.


Better yet, when flying from PNE-BOS one will get a clearance with the first fix being DITCH (we call it B**CH.) You get to fly a 180 degree heading for a solid 8 minutes before doing a 180 to the North towards Kennedy. Blech!

I’m like a giggling little schoolgirl when they clear us direct to NICKG 5 miles from DITCH…