Distance from arival

i live near a big airport and planes constantly fly over my house. how can u tell how many minutes these planes are from ariving at the airport?

The only way to tell would be to note a particular aircraft and write down what time it went over - then go flightaware and see what time it is logged as landed. It may be a few minutes off though.

Another way is to estimate the speed and measure the distance to the runway threshold: then distance/speed = time.
For airliners, a typical landing speed is 150-160 knots, but it varies 10-20 knots either way depending on several things. (1 knot = 1 nautical mile/hr = 1.15 mph.)
You can measure distances using maps.google.com and other map-servers like it.
It turns out 160 knots = 184 mph which is almost exactly 3 miles a minute. So if you’re 15 miles out, expect about 5 min to landing.