Displaying piaware 3. MLAT's on Virtual Radar


On Virtual Radar we were reading port 30003 with the previous piaware with no problem for both ADS-B and MLAT planes

Now that we are switching our systems in Baja California and Sonora Mex. to piaware 3., the 30003 port on VR will NOT display MLATS planes on the map, only ADS-B’s. On the list there are the MLATS but show NO Lat/Long.

On this forum somebody suggested using 30105 but the result is the same no MLATS on the VR map and no lat/long on the list for MLAT

Switched to read 30106 and now the MLATS are OK on the map and list BUT now NO ADS-B planes are displayed on the map or list at all.

As I recall now there was a command to force mlats to be output on 30003 with the old piaware. Is there something similar for piaware 3? And I know this is not a VR forum.

Any input will help

Thank you



I use two ports an combine them, into a Merged Feed.
30005 and 30105, I believe. One for ADS-B and one for MLAT.


You should configure VRS with two feeds (30005 and 30105, beast format; you can use the Basestation feeds if you must, but it makes more sense for VRS to do the decoding) and combine them in VRS.



Use format Beast, Port #30105, and not as shown in screenshot below




Edit: Step 2 wrong screenshot replaced by correct one.



Thank you very much for the responses and pictures.
Using now two feeds from the same site reading one from 30005 the other from 30105 an IT’s ALIVE.
Format= AVR or Beast Raw Feed0

Now to open ports on the router sites. Hope the one in Kino Bay Mexico keeps working as the Hurricane Newton is arriving there tonight. Some of the other Baja sites are without power and of course antennas gone due to this event.




Sorry, wrong screenshot was posted for step #2.
Correct screenshot posted now.
The format & port numbers should be as follows, not as in step #2 screenshot:
Both feeds should be same format (Beast)
Port # 30005 for ADSB
Port # 30105 for MLAT


I noted the error. I like when somebody gives a complete response to an inquiry. Refreshing to see that you care to help another user.
Mr. abcd567 you rock.



Trying to set up MLAT to show on VR but not having any luck

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


netstat -an | grep LIST
to see which ports are listening on the RPI.

As per @abcd567 port above.
Use format Beast, Port #30105, and not as shown in screenshot below