Display altitude and GS while cursor over flight path line?

Would it be possible to implement into the map options to pop up the altitude and ground speed (GS) in a balloon type display when hovering the cursor over a certain point of the flight path line in a map?

If some found automation annoying, if you can build in the option where if you click on the flight path line, it will popup “flight log data” at that given point would be pretty cool.

I don’t know how well that would go over, but I think you may be able to get that in Google Earth.

Dang, thought you were on to something that actually would have worked better for me, but no joy in GE either that I can see. Line appears to be static after being overlayed in GE.

Below profile view (my subdivision in the forefront 8) developing rainshowers in the back) shows the actual GPS coordinates being recorded in the fence as vertical lines but no balloons or anything displayed. Profile view is the only place I know of to display the actual recording of the coordinates.

I tried to see if I could extract altitude under view properties (second image) but it doesn’t help me.

I was thinking this would have been a nice feature to see how high I was around certain points of interests around the DC area when I go back commercially back to Baltimore in a couple of weeks. Guess I can take my Garmin 296 with me “flight attendant” permitting :smiley:

Guess I can take my Garmin 296 with me “flight attendant” permitting[/quote]

I had no problems with my GPS stuck to the window on my recent flight to BNA on Southwest. I know the flight attendants saw it there several times and said nothing.