DiSEqC switches

Just a random thought but would a DiSEqC switch work for connecting two 1090Mhz antennas to one feed line or does it need the 22kHz signal up the wire?

I believe a Diseqc switch needs the 22kHz signal to switch between inputs, I doubt it can be used to combine feeds if that’s what you’re looking for.

I used one of these combiners to allow two system to share one antenna, for testing. There is no reason you couldn’t use it to combine two antenna to one system.

I am not aware of full details of DiSEqC switches.
My logical conclusion from it’s name is:
As the name suggests, it is a “switch” , not a “combiner”. If you have antenna A & antenna B, it will switch between A & B. as a result at any time only A or only B will be connected to receiver, and NOT A+B connected to receiver.

Well above is only logic, which may be wrong. Fact can be told by those who have used it or are aware of it’s details.

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