Discrepancy between airport summary and airport arrival page


Consistant discrepancies between airport summary arrival time and page specifically listing en route/ scheduled to page


FDX732 eta on GRR airport summary page 6:26 pm
FDX732 eta on GRR en route to / scheduled to page 6:20 pm

When all is said and done the en route to / scheduled to page is more accurate.

Refreshed both just prior to posting this message.


Looking at FDX732 now, I see an arrival time of 18:16 for both.

Don’t forget that the enroute to section is an Estimated Time of Arrival while the arrival section is an Actual Arrival Time.


Yes, that’s by design.

While the aircraft is in flight, the airport and flight pages show the estimated arrival time plus 6 minutes so we don’t have to fill the space with something awkward between when the flight actually lands and when we receive confirmation that it lands.

The expanded boards don’t include the fudge factor, because we’ve found that the users who use those are more often in FBOs or even ATC towers and want to know the real time.

It’s not a perfect system and there has been a lot of internal debate about it, but such is the world with 5 minute data ‘security delays.’


I guess what is awkward to me is the time frame where the expanded page shows a flight as landed, and the airport summary page still shows it enroute…

For what little it’s worth, put my vote on having no 6 minute fudge factor for the arrival info on the airport summary page…

That being said, I guess my feeble mind can subtract 6 minutes easily enough.

Thanks for clearing that up.