DirectFlight billing detail


Hi there,

A couple of related questions on DirectFlight billing.

I saw the pricing schedule here:

  1. A cost per query is listed. If I request one planes activity which has flown twice in the last 48 hours, would that count as 2 queries (1 per flight) or 1 (1 per request)?

  2. After we build our DirectFlight connection, we will be requesting flight data for about 230 planes once every 48 hours. Will this count as 230 queries (1 per plane) or 1 (1 per update)?


Every request/update/etc is a query.


You would be billed for one (Class 2) query.

That’s 230 (Class 2) queries, which would come to about $40/month if you update every 48 hours.


Okay, great. Thanks for the fast response guys, much appreciated.