DirectAir/ Virgin America

I was attempting to find tail numbers for some Virgin America flights operated for DirectAir and Tours out of Kalamazoo.
I searched the on time database from the beaueau of transportation statistics, however they were nowhere to be found.

Any ideas?
Is this because it is a public charter and not a traditional “airline” flight?

Thanks in advance.

Believe it has to do something with the fact that they (Virgin America) is not a public company. I remember reading something a couple of weeks ago about the other airlines complaining about this because it gave Virgin America an unfair advantage. The other airlines are asking the government to make them have to report.

Virgin America has completed their DOT filings as they were finally ordered to. However, that has nothing to do with them not being in the database.

They are not in the database because as charters, they technically do not have a “schedule” to be on-time to.

Thanks for the info.

There is another table that shows all flights, including charters. However, it doesn’t include tail numbers so that would be no help to nenyedi.