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Did anyone else experience outages on July 4th?

I had several power outages that caused me to lose a day of stats. Also, two of my computers, including my feeder box, unexpectedly rebooted three times after power was restored.



Nope, had no such thing overhere in Europe

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Apparently it affected the daylight side of the earth the most.

Edit: Rereading that it looks strange. What I mean is that it affected the earth where daylight occurred.

Too many beers requiring cooling?

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:joy: :joy: Good one. No. Not that reason.

I have seen some conspiracy messages that the new world order wanted to shut down the internet on July 4th.

Maybe it was an unsuccessful attempt :rofl:

what region do you live in?

Central North Carolina.

@jepolch I remembered reading about this solar flare on the 4th. I wonder if that had an effect? Did anyone else in your neighborhood have the same interupts?

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1804 houses were without power and internet for several hours.

That happens at least once a year in rural Suffolk UK, usually due to high winds and lack of maintenance getting the better of the overhead power lines.
Working from home has the advantage that I can switch over to the generator.

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I did switch on my generator. I have to live off the grid four or five times a year due to power outages. Lots of trees along narrow roads, overhead power lines.