DFWJK airport??


A photo of DFWJK bi-wing aircraft was uploaded by Sven Vollert. I would appreciate to know the name of the airport at which this photo was taken.

You can send an email to me directly at …




post it here - others would be interested also about the airport


That’s good for moi. Please post here.

I do standards for obstacles and would be interested in how they dealt with the windturbines at the end of this runway. They look awfully close.



the photo of the AN-2 is at flightaware.com/photos/view/7021 … tes/page/1

Those windmills are a lot further away than they look


Thankyou rw812. I figure they are out there somewhere. It is hard to judge form a photo. But I would like to know the airport name so I can get more detail.

eduard alf