DFWJK Airport?? Again


Thought I would ask further as I am not getting very far on this.

Is it possible to send an email directly to a member of FlightAware?? That is directy to the person who took the photo of DFWJK??

Alternatively, can one find the owner of DFWJK in some fashion.



You can send them a private message in the forums, however they won’t know about it unless they visit the forums.

You could consult the German aviation authorities for information about the owner of D-FWJK.


It is difficult to go through the German aviation authorities because of privacy concerns. I am going through the internet for D-FWJK. The aircraft used to be registered in GDR and now flies all over the place. I have found it in England and Poland but so far cannot identify the airport.




Just to let you folks know. It took a while but I have found out that the airport is Kothen, Germany. An old Soviet airbase. The aircraft is seen taking off from an old runway that was turned into a runway. The airport coordinates are …

51 43 21 N 011 56 50 E