Detainee going home? … /MUGM/GMMN

Things that make you go “hmmmm…”

Flying in a G-V. Going home in style - thanks to all of us taxpayers.

In some of the cases it’s the least we can do.

for some reason I don’t think that Kuwait Airways Corporation gets any of our tax money

Then the left makes a big stink about Sarah Palin chartering a G-II.

My bad. I didn’t see the small print. Still, no doubt there’s a shady character on that ship. You go to Cuba don’t you fly? Ever been to Guantanamo?

GTMO!! Hey I was stationed there for three yrs. Cool place. Great diving, Montego Bay 2hrs south by C172. WAS, the best kept secret in the Navy. :wink:

that’s cool as hell. You’re on the short list of people that have probably stood by that sign and weren’t blindfolded and shackled.

Right behind you is the Hangar…and galley/terminal…question…did you land on 10 or 28. You know Fly, less than 500 ft from the approach end of 10…a Kalitta DC-8/61 bit it hard…but dont worry…its only a 45 second run from station to the app end in a crash truck. :smiley:

I had to promise to let the guard water-board me in exchange for the picture.

and Beech- I’ve been there over 20 times and have landed on both, I will admit it’s a bit of a black hole at night.

Even picked up a dude last summer that was bitten by a shark…

Stranger things have happened when it comes to the government spending our money.

That rug really tied the room together.

some interesting flights from this airport

Also some great diving

Looks like you were right EMT: … -concerns/