Des Moines (KDSM) to Manchester (KMHT)


I’m a new user, so sorry if this isn’t interesting for anyone else, but I thought it was kind of cool…Anyone take notice of all the flights from Des Moines (KDSM) to Manchester (KMHT) VERY early this morning??

BTA1380 E45X Des Moines Intl (KDSM) Fri 02:17AM CST Fri 05:28AM EST
OPT906 E135 Des Moines Intl (KDSM) Fri 01:33AM CST Fri 04:48AM EST
WWI72 GLF4 Des Moines Intl (KDSM) Fri 12:38AM CST Fri 03:44AM EST
MEP8146 MD81 Des Moines Intl (KDSM) Fri 12:33AM CST Fri 03:38AM EST
SWQ737 B734 Des Moines Intl (KDSM) Fri 12:23AM CST Fri 03:33AM EST
N2JW CL60 Des Moines Intl (KDSM) Fri 12:13AM CST Fri 03:22AM EST
N53LB H25B Des Moines Intl (KDSM) Fri 12:01AM CST Fri 03:16AM EST
EJA950 C750 Des Moines Intl (KDSM) Fri 12:18AM CST Fri 03:11AM EST
N91ML C550 Des Moines Intl (KDSM) Thu 11:13PM CST Fri 02:46AM EST

I wonder which candidates were on which of these flights…if any.

Thats all…enjoy!!!


Take a look at the discussion Presidential Candidates 08 (go to the last page).

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