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Departed and Arrived Alerts

Here is what I want to do:

I want to get an alert when a particular flight has departed and arrived. How can I do that in Java or JavaScript?

Any small example or snippet of code would help.


FlightXML pushed alerts can only be done if you have a webserver that can receive a POST request from our alert server. You can implement your server’s backend in whatever language you like, so Java (Tomcat, Websphere, etc) or JavaScript (Node.js, etc) or PHP or whatever else would be doable.

I do have a tomcat web server running. However, the documentation is not so clear about how this works.

I am sending the following request through POSTMAN - A chrome rest plugin:

url: USERNAME:API_KEY@flightxml.fligh … rtEndpoint


“address” : “http://xx.xxx.xxx.xx:xxxx/trackingservice/rest/v1/flighawarealerts”,
“format_type” : “json/post”

However, I am getting a “Internal Server Error”

Any help on this would be appreciated.