Delta's internationalization is starting to pay dividends.


I saw Delta Air Lines April Traffic Results report on and I was happy to see that the multitude of new international flights seem to be attracting customers. All I’m able to tell is whether the increase in International Available Seat Miles (ASMs, which are basically the number of seats in the air) is increasing the number of Revenue Paying Miles (RPMs, which is basically the number of seats in the air with a paying customer in them). Although the increase in ASMs are outpacing the increases in RPMs it is interesting to see that the additional Latin American flights are doing very well. The additional trans-atlantic flights are doing fairly well, but not like the LA ones. That’s good news to me here in Delta Land. :smiley:


good for you guys!! it would be nice if delta could get back into the black again!!



The problem as I see it, being an international passenger, Delta’s cabin in nearly every aircraft is subpar in nearly every category imaginable.


I agree. But how does it compare with other US carriers’ cabins on international flights? It’s behind the European carriers, in general, but what about other US carriers (AA, CO, UA, US)?


Both UA and AA fly 3 cabin aircrafts internationally. I’ve flown both and I’d give the edge pver DL to both AA and UA. CO is widely regarded as having the best Business/lite First cabin of any domestic carrier so I think DL wins that battle. I would give the edge to DL over NW and would rate DL on par with US.