Delta Question


OK, Tommorow my family and I are flying to San Pedro Sula,Honduras [Via Atl] on a missions trip and I was wondering if Delta serves food on this flight? I checked the Delta website and they say that for a 3.5+ hour flight they serve only snacks in Economy! Could Someone please clesr this up for me fast! My flight leaves at 8 tommorow!!
PS: How About a Movie? Were on a 737-800! :question:



Sounds like Delta’s web already cleared it up for you. Economy is pretty no-frills. You might consider calling Delta Customer Service to ask about the movie, but I recall that they used to list that on their web.



I fly the -800 for DAL and, yes, there is a video system on the aircraft. Whether the FAs will show a movie or the entertainment video, I’m not sure but I would suspect that there will be a movie. No there is not any food on this flight. If you have time in ATL, I recommend going to the bookstore on the B Concourse for a sandwich or a hot meal. They have the best food in the ATL airport. Additionally, most of the food concessions on the E Concourse (International departures) are closed right now as they are undergoing a large remodeling so, if you want to get something to eat, make sure you do so before getting on the train to the E Concourse. When are you coming back? I’m flying the SAP-ATL flight on the 25th. Maybe I’ll see you on the airplane.




Sorry Jetjockey, but we fly back on the 24th. :cry: I also checked the Delta website again and it said that we would be served dinner! Is this correct?


Jetjockey, How long have you been flying total for delta and how long in the -800s?


It is possible that the SAP flight will have a dinner served. SAP is new service and some of the new Latin American flights actually do serve a meal. I would still recommend getting something in ATL though. The meals they are serving today are not near as large as in days gone by.

I have been at Delta for 19 years and flying the -800 for about a year and a half out of ATL since Delta closed our DFW pilot base. I’ve also flown the B-727, B-737-200, B-737-300, B-757, B767, MD-88, and MD-90 while I have been here.

I guess we will pass each other on the 24th since I will be flying the ATL-SAP leg on that day.

I hope you have a good stay down there.