Delta/NWA paint xfer


This is like a commercial for REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups:

Planes bump on ground at Sea-Tac in Wash.

SEATTLE (AP) No one was injured when two passenger-filled planes backed into each other as they left their gates Sunday morning at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Both flights from Seattle to the Midwest were canceled.

Airport spokesman Terri-Ann Betancourt told The Seattle Times a Delta 737-800 plane, Flight 1288 to Cincinnati, was backing away from its gate at the Concourse Terminal at Sea-Tac shortly before 7 a.m.

Betancourt said at the same time a Northwest 757-300 plane, Flight 620 to Minneapolis, was backing away from its gate at the South Satellite Terminal.

Betancourt said after the flights were canceled passengers were being transferred to other flights.


I know 2 push back drivers are peeing in a cup right now…and not happy about it. :unamused:


I really think they oughta take it easy on these guys…I mean , afterall, the 75 will soon be in the orange and blue anyway, and, what, with the airlines cutting cost and all, that saves a trip to the paint shop. MX shop, not so much…


I hope Delta and Northwest get along a bit better than this after the merger is complete. :smiley:


that’s not what the corporate offices had in mind when they agreed to a “merger”…rim shot


You 3 ought to go on the road…hell I’d buy the tix!!! :wink: :laughing:


[Marve Albert voice] YEESSS !!!