Delta Mainline now serving KCAK

In case you travel to/from Northeast Ohio, you may be interested to know that Delta now flies at least one daily mainline flight into Akron-Canton using an MD-88. Until now, it’s been either ComAir CRJs or Freedom jungle jets (Delta Connection) that have offered service to CAK.
Delta is taking the gloves off to compete with AirTran, which has been the dominant carrier at CAK for the last 7 or 8 years, since they came and really put the airport on the map. Until now, the only non-RJ flights besides FL were Frontier’s 2 daily flights to/from DEN. Delta has been consistently matching FL $ for $ over the last few months, and even had round trips from CAK to MCO going for $98 for about a week or so (which I missed by a couple hours :imp:). Another reason for the growth may be the newly-constructed terminal that was completed this summer.

I don’t work for CAK, I swear. It’s just one of those easy-in, easy-out airports, and it came in at #2 (I think) on the list of “Cheapest Airports to Travel From” put together by a travel mag, not sure which one though.

That wouldn’t happen to be Go magazine, would it? :wink: