Delta flight ground delay for 7 hours (video)

Delta Flight 6499, SEVEN HOURS on the tarmac - YouTube)

^^link to video^^

Delta sure messed up BIG time…

They were messed up way before. :slight_smile:

That was not a Delta mainline flight. It was an EMB170 series aircraft so it was probably operated by one of th Chautublic carriers. I did not pull the Flt to see the operator. Just a guess.

Shuttle America (TCF) was the operator. … /KJFK/KDFW

suprised they didn’t blame a corporate or GA flight for the delays…

Seems to me that if the flight attendant had THOUGHT of that excuse at the time, he probably would have used it at some point. I actually felt sorry for the dude. He’s just the messenger - the events going on around him were not of his doing, but you could tell the pax were ready to slit the guy’s throat.

“Behold, I send you forth as a sheep in the midst of wolves”

From your experience or training how would have SWA handled this situation?

I think after 4-5 hours the passengers should take reasonable and prudent action.