Delta flight 469 at KMCI

twas driving by KMCI (KC international) this am about 1120am noticed a large jet coming in for landing to the south (DELTA 469) BUT this jet didnt land it did a climb out then headed west then north then east then landed to the south on attempt number 2. My question is…was that a “missed approach” or what? The local wx was PC temp 72f wind south about 20-25mph. Also…flightawares flight track doesnt show the jet doing the missed approach but I know it did because I personally saw it!

By definition, if the aircraft didn’t land it was a “missed approach.” It could have resulted from any of a number of reasons, ranging from preceeding traffic still being on the runway, to wind shear, to unstable approach, to any number of other legitimite reasons. Discrections is always the better part of valor… if everything isn’t just right a good pilot will always err to the conservative side and go around.

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With 20-25mph winds, it sounds like a sudden crosswind probably spooked the crew. I saw my first missed approach this past February in Daytona Beach. It was also a Delta, although it was an MD-80. We were screwing around at the speedway waiting for the Bud Shootout (which was ultimately rained out :angry: ) when a nasty black weather front approached quickly from behind us (from the WNW). At the same time, I watched this DL jet glide gracefully toward 25R, then suddenly tip pretty hard to the left. Must have been about 200’ or so. Needless to say, the pilot righted the plane and abruptly climbed out and went around to land on another runway, Rwy 34 I believe.

I believe I’ve been on two “missed” approach flights.

First one was in 2000 at Myrtle Beach, US Airways A319 was a couple hundred feet off the ground, suddenly pulled up and went around again - the pilot announced that there was a sudden weather pattern on the runway and we were going around for another shot.

Second one was on a NW A319 at MSP - this time we were a little higher up, but still on decent close to landing - the pilot gunned the engines hard an pulled us up and away, we went around again (or perhaps a different runway) and landed. This one struck me as possible air traffic congestion…

Not quite correct…

Missed approached pertain to instrument flight rules (IFR). If an airplane goes missed, there are specific intructions to be followed, whether it be by approach plate procedures or ATC directives.

What was described above sounds like an ordinary go around under visual flight rules (VFR) where a plane felt the the flight parameters were not safe for a landing and decided to go around. By going around, the pilot probably worked out an arrangement with tower to select another runway for a safe landing. Under these rules, the second approach is worked out between pilot and tower and there are no “set procedures” like a missed approach under IFR.

Please note, IFR does not mean IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions). You can do an instrument approach in severe clear conditions, however that may not be the most efficient way to the runway since you have very specific directions to follow.

Cleared for the visual approach is one of the nicest things one can hear on the approach phase as that means you can proceed direct to the airport. In order to be cleared for the visual, the pilot MUST have the airport in sight.

If for some reason, I botch a visual approach and need to go around, I recontact tower and advise them, and they give me directions on what to do next.