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Call me crazy, but didnt DL fly a late night route between ATL and BNA with a 757-200?


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Newark 777, yes that is a pic of a DL 752 in BNA, BUT DOES THAT FLIGHT OPPERATE ANYMORE!?!?!?!?! here’s all of the flights shows btween ATL and BNA.


You used past tense, I thought you were asking if it ever existed. According to the current DL timetable, all ATL-BNA flights are operated by MD-80, CRJ, or 732.


There are other resources available to you at FA.

First, use Flight Tracker: shows you that Delta has not used that flight number since March 1, at which time DAL752 was a KPBI/KATL flight.

Then check out the history: indicates that DAL752 at one time had a Columbus leg – KPBI/KATL/KCMH. Back in October, 2005 and for a period earlier, DAL752 flew KLGA/KCVG/KPHX.

The simple answer to whether DAL752 flies out of KBNA currently is “NO”. That flight number has not been used for more than a month.



By 752 he means a 757-200 (as he said in his first post), not flight number 752. :slight_smile:


yes, to specify mduell is correct, I DONT MEAN FLT. 752 BUT A Boeing 757-200


Gotcha! LOL!

I guess we each read according to our own assumptions and interpretations.


yes, to specify mduell is correct, I DONT MEAN FLT. 752 BUT A Boeing 757-200

Yet another reason why people should take the extra 2 seconds and few keystrokes and spell out the aircrft type, especially if there is even the remotest possiblity of misunderstanding.


has they’re ever been any 777 traffic thru BNA ?


:cry: Sadly, there has been no 777 service at all to BNA, but we do get a daily 747-400 China Airlines from TPE-ANC-BNA or TPE-ORD-BNA or TPE-DFW-BNA!


daily 747-400 China Airlines from TPE-ANC-BNA or TPE-ORD-BNA or TPE-DFW-BNA!

Are there major distribution centers in BNA? This is the only reason I can see for a 747 freighter (judging by the CAL flight numbers) to go into BNA.


Someone filed a flight plan for one a while back, but it was never activated.

AAL123 B772/G KBNA-KBNA 50 430

Slant golf and 430 kts at 5000 ft sounds pretty bogus.


damiross, usually the China Airlines 747-400 is filled with Dell computer parts to assemlbe in Symrna,TN (Abt. 15 miles from BNA)! :laughing:


Actually, there are 2 Dell plants in the Nashville area - one is on the side of I-40 in Lebanon and the other one is on Murfreesboro Road directly across the street from KBNA. I have never heard of a Dell plant in Smyrna (there is, however, a Nissan plant there).

China Air comes to BNA once a day, 6-days per week (no Mon. night/Tues. morning flight) and is usually about 90-95% full of Dell parts. There were a few months in 2004 & 2005 that we were getting Evergreen and Kalitta 741s and 742s as backups to the China Air flights. This only happened when Dell was really busy and the once-daily CAL flight wasn’t enough.

Odd that I stumbled on this discussion… Fellow photog Wayne Cowan and I were sitting on the side of Elm Hill Pike just this morining getting some shots of China Air coming in. They have usually come and gone each morning before the sun comes up, but on Monday mornings they never get here until anywhere between 8am-11:30am.

As far as the DL 752s go - we used to get 2 of them per day for several years… Unfortunately, that ended on 9/9/05. Now the only time you will see a DL 757 or 767 at BNA is for a Titans charter or a diversion due to bad weather at ATL (there was a DL 764 here early last week for about an hour due to weather at ATL).

Some shots that I have of DL metal at BNA:

My BNA 747 shots:

Matt Coleman


Thanks Matt Coleman for clearing that up!