Delta & Airbus


When was the last time that Delta flew and Airbus?? Or what i’m trying to say when was the last time that Airbus was part of the Delta fleet???


I believe they flew the A310 from around 1991 to 1996, operating 31 of them, including the one that just crashed in Siberia.


I went to

…and searched for:
Aircraft Type = Airbus
Airline = Delta Air Lines

80 photos (5 pages) came up in the search.

The latest dated photo I saw was… yeah - I’ll save you the trouble… 1995. I confirmed this by typing in “1995” in the keywords field which yielded 5 photos. Then I entered 1996, and I got zilch outta that.


Thats why I asked because Delta use to fly it and I wanted to know how old that plane was.


Most of the DL A310’s were originally operated by Pan Am, with a couple being delivered new to DL, and were delivered anywhere from the mid '80s to early '90s. The one that just crashed was manufactured in early 1987, when it started operating for Pan Am, then delivered to DL in 1991, Aeroflot in 1996, and then stored from 2003 to 2004. It was then delivered to Sibir, where it operated until yesterday’s crash.


You can search the aircraft census database at


Wow! They’re on the ball at that site. They already show it as being written off with “Crashed on landing at Irkutsk, Russia on July 9, 2006” in the comments field.