Delta adds PIT-CDG and RDU-CDG


Delta announced that they will add PIT-CDG and RDU-CDG beginning in June. They will both by operated by 757’s. To my knowledge DL doesn’t currently fly 757’s transatlantically and they said that they will be configured for 176 seats so it’s not an NW aircraft (which are currently configured for 144).

The terms of the PIT contract have been disclosed: They have committed to the route for two years and are receiving $2.5M a year in support from the airport authority.

I imagine the RDU deal is similar.


Yes they actually do currently fly them translantic…jfk-edi, lgw and probably some others that im missing. I see this as competition to a newly starting us clt-cdg in a way also.


The deal for RDU, if I understand what you said about PIT correctly is a little different. Right here in the area of RDU, we have the Research Triangle Park (RTP), a large business and research center. The companies in the area put of the money to subsidize the route.

Currently RDU’s only trans-atlantic flight, a daily AA 763 from RDU - Heathrow, is paid for this way. American could depart this flight with no one on board an break even due to the backing they receive from local business.

It’s been speculated that this new Delta flight to CDG will work the same way. The president of the group providing the backing for the AA flight was also at RDU for the announcement of the Delta flight.

The new delta flight brings the total for RDU to 4 international destinations.
Air Canada - 3x daily CRJ to Toronto
American - Daily 763 to London, Heathrow
Delta - Saturday only MD88 to Cancun
Delta - 5x a week 757 to Paris, Charles De Gaul

GlaxoSmithKline just announced that they are consolidating their entire North American headquarters to their facility in RTP.


This is kind of what Northwest was doing with Amsterdam. I wonder if the new Delta would transfer a lot of flying to CDG or keep a big AMS operation too. I guess the paradox is that AMS is the nicer airport, but CDG would carry more o@d on it.


Which will increase the LHR flight frequency, even though their UK headquarters is physically closer to LGW.

And of course there will be a reduction in PHL-LHR flights.